A Unique Bigfoot Experience in Southern Oregon




This years State of Bigfoot Festival is being held at the Historic Wolf Creek Inn in Southern Oregon. The Wolf Creek Inn is the longest running Inn in the Pacific Northwest. Events will be happening inside the Inn and on the grounds of the Park. Please see the event list for more information.

General Admission is $15 for the day, includes admission to all events, a State of Bigfoot sticker and (1) FREE drink in the beer garden. We’ll be serving local beer, wine and nonalcoholic drinks.

JUNE 22nd 2019


1:45 - Second Raffle

2:00 - TA Johnson

2:45 - Third Raffle

3:00 - Scott Violette

3:45 - Fourth Raffle

3:50 - Bigfoot Calling Contest


7:00 - Closing Ceremonies

11:00 - Opening Ceremonies

11:30 - Vendors Open for Business

12:00 - Todd Neiss Lecture

12:15 - Beer Garden Opens

12:45 - First Raffle

1:00 - Jefferson State Paranormal

Meet the Experts


Scot Violette

Scot Violette, 55, who grew up in Summerville, Oregon, graduated from Imbler High School and moved to Baker City with his wife, Hannah, in 2012.

 “I do believe they exist. I think the proof is right there.”

 Scot's interest in this most famous of “cryptids” – animals whose existence has not been conclusively proved – dates to age 7 and an afternoon trip to watch a movie and witnessed for the first time the Patterson/Gimlin film.

 Scot, a student of Anthropology, has devote his life to pursuing what mainstream science long ago decided was merely a myth.

 Violette’s dedication to the pursuit of Bigfoot is considerable.


Todd Neiss

On a clear spring day, in Oregon’s temperate Coast Range, a Soldier found himself face to face with a legend.  On April 3rd, 1993, while conducting explosives training with the 1249th Combat Engineers, Sergeant Todd Neiss observed three enormous bipedal creatures watching their convoy from across a ravine.  Originally a skeptic, he was forced to accept what he was seeing with his own eyes.

Since that fateful day, he has dedicated his life to proving the existence of these amazing creatures.  With over 25 years of field investigations and large-scale expeditions, his reputation as a serious researcher has grown exponentially.  He has been called upon for numerous public speaking engagements; as well as countless interviews and television appearances.


Tobe Johnson

I am a native Oregonian and life long paranormal enquistor. For over 20 years I’ve been following up with local lore and legend. It has always been my goal to have a open dialogue about taboo topics surrounded by good friends and community.

For many years I organized and attended conferences on everything from Sasquatch to UFO’s with a sense of awe at the masses who had similar interests. However, the one time yearly conferences seemed too long and far between, not to mention costly. So that’s when I came up with a plan, monthly meetings in a historic bar once a month. Strange Brau, now exclusively at the Axe&Fiddle in the beautiful town of Cottage Grove, Or.. Make Strange Brau your destination for all subjects usually only whispered over.
Join us for our next talk and have frothy pint of the paranormal.


Jefferson State Paranormal

Hi. We are Nick and Lisa Davis.

We are paranormal investigators located in Southern Oregon.  Jefferson State Paranormal was established in 2017. We investigate historical sites, residential, and businesses. We most recently became sanctioned Paranormal Investigators of the Wolf Creek Inn - Woot, Woot!

Our investigations are always conducted in a professional manner, with the utmost respect. We combine documentation and a scientific approach, using a wide range of investigative equipment.




Imagine yourself as a traveler along a section of the Applegate Trail in the late 1800's. You have just arrived by stage coach at the Wolf Creek Inn. This is a long-sought-after refuge from a not-so-comfortable journey over mountains and across valleys. After paying 75 cents for a room, bath, and meals, you're ready to relax. You sit down to a good meal and some easy conversation with the innkeepers or other guests. Afterwards, the men sidle off to the tap room for some quaffs of beer while the ladies adjourn to the parlor. The conversation drifts from tales of inspirational beauty to frightful experiences of the trail.


There's enough Bigfoot gear for everyone.